“The one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching.” – Aristotle

Dr. Arash’s passion for advancing the field of dentistry and sharing his knowledge of dental reconstructive surgery led him to teaching other dentists the techniques he has learned throughout his travels around the world.

Dr. Arash was one of the founding board members if GDIA (Global Dental Implant Academy) an international organization based on the principle of teaching other dentists advanced surgical procedures such as placing implants, soft tissue grafts, bone grafting and guided bone regeneration. Every year, his team of professors and surgeons travel to different parts of the world teaching doctors and dentists the newest and latest surgical procedures available in the field of dentistry.

Dr. Arash has teamed up with leading surgeons such as Dr. Jin Kim (UCLA Periodontist), Professor Dong-Seok Sohn (leading international surgeon and Oral Maxiofacial lecturers)  and Dr. Tony Daher (Professor of Prosthodontics) to train and educate other dentists on how to place and restore implants for the benefit of their patients. Dr. Arash also teaches for several implant companies both locally and internationally promoting the advancement of implant systems to his students. In 2015 the world recognized “Extraction Academy” led by Dr. Kianor Shah recruited Dr. Arash as one of their main teachers educating dentists on extraction techniques and implant therapy.


Dr. Arash Hakhamian being interviewed as a guest speaker on the world renowned Telemundo cable television station as an expert dentist on the topic of infection control in the dental office.

The topic of discussion was the importance of maintaining the highest standards in infection control to prevent cross contamination of bacteria and viruses between patients.

Dr. Arash’s office was used as an example of what a clean and sterile office looks like and what types of things patients should look for when choosing a dental office that pays attention to patient safety and infection control. Somehow Dr. Arash was able to manage to get through this entire interview in Spanish!!

Dr. Arash also lectures and consults other dentists on office management, case acceptance and office acquisitions.

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