Due to various factors many people are experiencing a tremendous rise in the cost of dental care. Most dental offices and doctors expect a full payment upfront which is not feasible for most patients. Even if the patient understands the benefits of the presented treatment plan and begin to save up to achieve that final total Dollar amount, their condition continues to worsen while they are waiting and saving. So if someone has a treatment cost of $5000.00 and is slowly saving up towards that amount by the time they actually reach it the treatment plan has changed and the costs usually have become more expensive. Dr. Arash Hakhamian is happy to prevent these unnecessary costs and worsening of the dental condition by providing discounts and payment plans to all of his patients.


Many patients facing medical procedures often suffer unnecessarily due to their health care provider not allowing them to make payments. Dr. Arash suggests deferred interest rate credit cards as a payment option so that he can complete 100% of the patients treatment immediately and resolving the patient’s problems completely before they get worse.

All of the health care credit cards Dr. Arash recommends have 0% payment plan options available to the patient and have zero setup costs. In fact, Dr. Arash’s office has to pay approximately 10% or more of the entire payment amount out of his own profits to the credit card companies to allow his patients to use this service! For longer payment plans ranging up to 5 years, the patient also has various interest accruing payment options that are paid to the credit card company not the dentist. This is an added assistance that Dr. Arash is happy to offer in order to help his patients achieve their goal and change their oral health.

Four things to know about cards with deferred interest rates

This type of credit card isn’t new. You may have seen ads on television, online, or in retail shops for promotional rates like zero-percent interest for the first year. No matter where the credit cards come from—a medical office or a mall store—they have a few features in common. Here’s what you need to know:

1. How to avoid paying interest

Make on-time payments each month and pay off your balance by the end of the promotional period. Minimum payments usually aren’t enough to pay off your entire balance by the end of the promotional period, so think about paying more than the minimum amount each month. Or, save up enough to pay the final amount before the promotional period ends.

2. What happens at the end of the promotional period

If you haven’t paid off the balance for your purchase when the promotional period ends, you’ll be charged interest on your balance for each month, starting from when you first made the purchase. Your credit card company must tell you the date by which you must pay off your balance to avoid paying interest. The date must appear on the front of your bill. If you aren’t sure when your promotional period ends, call your credit card company.

3. Using the card for other purchases

Before using the card again, check with the credit card company to see if you have a “grace period” and how it works. Without a grace period, you’ll pay interest on new purchases from the date you make them.

4. Who receives payment

All payments are made directly to the health care credit card company and not to the dentist. The dental office does not control your payments, late payments or other factors associated with your account such as address change or automatic payments. Please make sure to communicate directly with the company of your choosing if there are any changes in your account or payment schedule. Dr. Arash Hakhamian and his staff are more than happy to help you answer any questions or guide you through any problems you may have.

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